Ipsos survey: Digital audio advertising delivers outstanding coverage and listener attention 

We commissioned an independent Ipsos survey on digital audio consumption, the results exceeded all our expectations! Digital audio advertising has far greater reach and attention than many other forms of media. In this article, find out why digital audio advertising should become a pillar of your media mix strategy. 

Digital audio is the best media channel for capturing attention.

The results of our study are clear: digital audio is the best attention-grabber when it comes to advertising. Podcasts and online radio have the highest attention scores, far ahead of social networks or display advertising.  The attention scores for audio ads are higher for a young audience (16-34 year olds) than for any other age groups.  

Digital audio advertising is particularly well received by listeners.

The first lesson is to alleviate the concern that advertising in digital audio is not well received. Digital audio is a very intimate medium in which advertising did not generally have a great presence within until recently. In fact, audio advertising is perceived positively by listeners. Advertising on online radio, for example, is perceived as far more inspiring, useful, and credible than advertising on other media such as social networks, online games, videos, or even television, where it is frequently thought of as annoying. 

ads on digital audio formats draw more attention compared to ads on other formats

Digital audio brings significant incremental coverage to FM radio.

Every week, nearly 50% of French people listen to digital audio, which is comparable to FM radio. Of that 50%, 25% only listen to digital audio. The incremental coverage provided by digital audio to FM radio is even greater for 16–34-year-olds, 40% of whom only listen to digital audio. 

25% listen only to digital audio

“Digital audio brings considerable incremental coverage to FM radio. And this added value is very marked among the youngest listeners. The fact is, for 16-34 year olds, radio is actually on the increase because of the significance of digital audio!” Victor Leygues, Global Marketing Director at Targetspot

Digital audio advertising campaigns deliver both coverage and high attention.

Individually, podcast, online radio and podcast channels have moderate coverage. But, by grouping all these digital audio uses into a single campaign, both high coverage and high advertising attention are achieved. 

Digital audio campaigns deliver both attention& reach

“Thanks to this survey, we can say that digital audio advertising is a safe bet. It is no longer an emerging trend with unknown impact and performance. It is an increasingly reliable medium in terms of advertising investment.” Victor Leygues, Global Marketing Director at Targetspot

Conclusion: Digital audio must become an essential pillar of a mixed media advertising strategy.

Digital audio advertising reaches a wide target group and holds its attention in a spectacular manner. This advertising content is particularly well received by the target group and serves a range of marketing objectives. Digital audio brings incremental effectiveness to FM radio and fits perfectly into a profitable media mix strategy!  

Now is the right time to invest in audio advertising. To form your opinion on the impact of digital audio advertising on your target audience, download the key learnings from the Ipsos survey results.  

Watch the key learnings in this video!

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