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Digital Audio is a unique opportunity to reach a wide, captive and engaged audience.

Target the right listeners through our extended advertising solutions including leading online music and content publishers.
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Publisher Solutions

Digital Audio takes you where traditional broadcasting can’t get. Our full stack of proprietary technologies and services turns your assets into powerful targeted streams or unique replays and podcasts.

Be heard anytime, anywhere, any devices!
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We do Digital Audio

This is the era of Audio. Targetspot helps you cast, play and sell all thing’s audio.

We have an extensive set of tools, products and services to help grow your business through digital audio.
Why digital audio?

We are Global

Targetspot connects digital audio enthusiasts around the world!

Targetspot is a global company with multiple offices in North America and all over Europe.
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We do Digital Audio

Let’s cast, play & sell
In this audio first world, Targetspot helps you cast, play and sell all existing and emerging digital audio assets including music, radio, advertising moments and opportunities, podcasts or smart speakers. Whatever fits your audio strategy, we are here for you.
With a powerful set of tools and services
Over the past ten years we have built an extensive set of tools and products that will ensure an efficient and effective use of all things’ audio. Our proprietary technologies and advertising platforms can connect you with audiences and advertisers all over the world. Wherever they listen, we will ensure them a flawless and enriching audio experience.
To create meaningful moments
Audio is the most human point of contact you can establish with your audience, it has the capacity to create meaningful moments that have a long-term emotional impact.
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Advertising Solutions

Seamless integration. Greater revenues.
Our proprietary ad serving technology will integrate all possible ad forms seamlessly into your stream or podcast, creating exciting new revenue opportunities.
Who sells and how?
Your ad inventory can be actively sold by your own sales organization, by our expert sales teams directly, or even through our integrations with different automated programmatic platforms.
Our monetization solutions
Reach key growing audiences
With more and more listeners, listening longer, everywhere, anytime and on any device, digital audio presents a unique advertising opportunity. Targetspot helps you capture the attention of global key audiences through personalized, data-driven audio ads.
Extended network and leading publishers
Targetspot advertising network includes the leading online music and digital audio content and audiences from, SoundCloud, Radio France… and many more.
Target the right listeners
Our data management platform and solutions enable a granular contact with the target of your choice.
Direct and Programmatic sales
Connect with our sales team directly for a personalized service or plug in to one of the many programmatic platforms we partner with.
Our advertising solutions

Publishing solutions

Why digital audio?

If you want to be heard where traditional broadcasting can’t get and be seen where no screen is on, it’s time to turn to digital audio.

Adapted to your needs

We can set up a turnkey solution or integrate any of our solutions in your existing workflow.

We've got you covered!

We have the experience and technology to turn your assets in powerful audio streams or unique replays and podcasts. Our full stack of proprietary technologies and services can help you if you are looking for:

  • Hosting and streaming of your audio
  • Podcasting solutions
  • Dedicated audio ad-serving technology
  • Monetization tools and teams
  • Reporting on your audience data and revenue
Our publishing solutions
  • Hosting and
  • Podcasting
  • Audio Adserving
  • Monetization
  • Reporting of
    Audience Data

We are Global

Worldwide Presence

With offices in the US, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, the UK, Spain and Belgium, Targetspot connects digital audio enthusiasts around the world.

Opportunities anywhere

Targetspot offers you insights into the best practices of highly developed digital audio markets and giving you access to emerging digital opportunities worldwide.
Targetspot connects you to listeners and advertising opportunities in your home territory and the rest of the world.

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