All dimensions of digital audio

We engage with listeners in ALL dimensions of digital audio.

New & exclusive audio environments. anywhere, anytime and on any device.
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Proprietary Technology

Owned tech stack for better flexibility, customization, end-to-end connectivity, targeting and attribution.

Always developing & innovating to help enhance and customize the offering.​
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Variety of Publishers

150+ publishers with 15,000+ audio channels covering all dimensions of digital audio.

An amazing, curated content ​We have an extensive set of tools, products and services to help grow your business through digital audio.
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Global Business

4 billion monthly impressions in 30+ markets globally.

Years of expertise in digital audio for personalized support and diversity.
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Multidimensional Digital Audio Advertising

About us
Targetspot is a global Adtech company, pioneer in digital audio marketing solutions to connect brands to their audience through a premium portfolio of publishers across all dimensions of digital audio.
With a powerful set of tools and services
Thanks to a proprietary set of technologies, we provide convenient end-to-end integration between brands and publishers for direct and programmatic advertising, lasersharp cookieless targeting, and advanced attribution.
Audio is personal
Immersive & intimate experience leading to stronger engagement.
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We are Global

Worldwide Presence

With offices in the US, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, the UK, Spain and Belgium, Targetspot connects digital audio enthusiasts around the world.

Opportunities anywhere

Targetspot offers you insights into the best practices of highly developed digital audio markets and giving you access to emerging digital opportunities worldwide.
Targetspot connects you to listeners and advertising opportunities in your home territory and the rest of the world.

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