The right digital audio strategy to maximize your revenues

One partner for your global territories

Our teams from around the world are selling your inventory on a local, national, and even international scale. We have developed strong relationships with top advertisers and agencies, creating a robust local and worldwide network. Whether you are a native audio publisher or thinking about creating the right audio strategy, Targetspot is the leading expert.

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Quick and easy integration for a maximum connectivity

We are directly connected with the leading SSPs and DSPs on the market to provide convenient end-to-end integration between brands and publishers. Benefit from the know-how and expertise of our teams dedicated to programmatic advertising.

Integrated Supply Side Platforms
Maximum Demand Side Platform Connectivity

The tool to manage your inventory from A to Z

Passport is our ad-serving tool designed as a one stop shop solution that includes many useful features such as:

  • Ad Stitching (Ad replacement, Ad injection) to generate incremental revenue,
  • Dashboard to easily monitor the ad serving activities,
  • Real-time forecasting,
  • Precise campaign and flight management tool,
  • Targeting, segmentation, attribution, and data enrichment,
  • Complete Data reporting,
  • Billing.

Stream and scale your digital radio stations


Shoutcast easily creates, manages, and grows your digital radio stations.

Stress-free ad integration and streaming technology for you to focus on your content creation.

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