Sport Social Podcast Network is now added in the Targetspot inventory

Targetspot, a global player in AdTech and digital audio monetization, amplifies its presence in the UK and Ireland podcast marketplace by partnering with Sport Social Podcast Network. Together, Targetspot and Sport Social offer advertisers the ability to connect with highly specialized audiences in the world of sports through programmatic sell of audio ad placements. 

Now with the first sports-dedicated network added to Targetspot’s inventory, advertisers and agencies have a unique opportunity to reach specific sports audiences – fans across football, Formula One, rugby, cricket and beyond choosing to consume sports news through the means of audio.  

Sport Social is a UK-based sports audio news and podcast network specializing in delivering the most up-to-date, catered sports news and content to fans seeking to stay in-the-know with their favorite teams.  

With +4M downloads per month, Sport Social cultivates audiences of enthusiastic sports fans actively looking for on-demand content they can listen to for the updates they don’t want to miss about the teams they support. Sport Social’s own podcast alone engaged over 1 million listeners in the first season, and the fanbase continues to grow over the globe.  

Targetspot and Sports Social teaming up makes for a strong enhancement to inventory offered, especially in the UK and Ireland, targeting fans of all types of sports. Through audio advertising with Targetspot, advertisers and agencies can tap into Sport Social’s multitude of sports fans audiences, connecting with highly engaged listeners actively tuning in to the world of sports through sound. 

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