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Targetspot MediaDonuts
15 December 2020
Upon entering in this partnership, Targetspot takes a new step in its pursuit of international expansion.
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28 October 2020
Targetspot, an international specialist in digital audio solutions, announces the appointment of Brian Benedik, a recognized leader in the digital audio monetization space, as Strategic Advisor.
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1 October 2020
Spurred by the business wins achieved in H1 (Sonos, Radio France, Stingray and TuneIn), and by the improvement in activity witnessed in recent months, Targetspot is pleased to announce that it has achieved new milestones in its business development plan. Indeed, while caution remains in order due to the public health context, the rally in our markets is becoming firmer and all of the teams are operational.
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17 August 2020
In light of the commercial successes and partnerships including Radio France, Tune In, Sonos and Stingray recorded in recent months and the recovery that has been taking shape in the market since July 2020, the Group reaffirms its confidence in its ability to return to its performance trajectory over the long term.
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14 July 2020
The inexorable progression of digital audio, which has been going on for several years, was further accentuated in the last months.
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