Targetspot adds W!ZARD Radio Media podcast inventory to its offer

Targetspot, a global player in AdTech and digital audio monetization, is announcing a new partnership after joining forces with W!ZARD Radio Media. The new agreement enables Targetspot to sell W!ZARD Radio Media’s global podcast inventory while offering heightened targeting capabilities and reach to new audiences, particularly the content-consuming Gen Z.   

W!ZARD Radio Media is one of the strongest international youth entertainment brands and simultaneously a market leader in creating engaging, innovative, Gen Z-focused content. W!ZARD Radio Media not only creates and produces catered-content but also distributes the best Podcast stories geared to drive engagement with the new Gen Z-audience. 

With +1M downloads each month, W!ZARD Radio Media reaches a globally extensive audience with a premium presence in the UK. With Targetspot and W!ZARD Radio Media, advertisers can deliver messaging to their most fruitful audiences via advanced targeting capabilities. To illustrate this, top podcast show “Common Chaos” averages 100,000+ downloads per month with 65% of the audience being 18-22 years old.  Another notable podcast, “Manifest Daily,” averages 120,000+ downloads each month with an audience that is 75% female and a broader range of listener ages. With an incredible inventory of listener profiles, brands can optimize their audio advertising strategies in the UK and beyond. 

Through audio advertising with Targetspot, advertisers can leverage W!ZARD Radio Media’s inventory to reach new, dominantly Gen Z audiences where they are listening with intention. 

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