Trinity Audio and Targetspot offer advertisers the audio revolution

The inexorable progression of digital audio, which has been going on for several years, was further accentuated in the last months. Lockdown and homeworking have accelerated the consumption of audio, including audio content for information and entertainment.

To support these new uses, the offer is multiplied. The most striking example is the ultra-innovative service from Trinity Audio, which turns readers into listeners.

The Trinity Audio process is stunning. Thanks to a fully developed Text To Speech system, Trinity Audio lets you listen to written content by triggering an easily identifiable audio player near the article. It is therefore possible to listen to your favorite news site while jogging. The result is a  significant improvement in engagement rates for publishers. Obviously advertising fits perfectly with these Text To Speech types of content.

No wonder that Targetspot and Trinity Audio signed a partnership few months ago, which is stronger than ever now.

Ron Jaworski, CEO Trinity Audio, comments: “We’re excited about solidifying our relationship with Targetspot. These days when more than ever people are flocking to the news, our partnership enables connecting brands and advertisers with new audiences and potential customers using the most honest medium – audio”.  

Targetspot has the know-how to optimize the monetization of content created by Trinity Audio technology, thus offering an additional source of income for publishers and a very effective new support for advertisers. Targetspot knows how to target the right people at the right time, all in a safe environment, benefiting from total transparency in terms of traffic and destination of integration.

Alexandre Saboundjian, CEO and founder of AudioValley, adds: “We are delighted to consolidate our relations with Trinity Audio. Their innovative ‘Text to Speech’ offering is at the heart of the digital audio revolution. It is becoming increasingly popular with the media, providing them with a new source of income. This partnership with a major technology player illustrates once again the solid position we have in the digital audio field on an international scale. “


Trinity Audio is an audio content solution that caters to publishers, advertisers and brands of all types and sizes around the world, helping them take part in the ongoing audio revolution by turning readers into listeners, creating the experience modern audiences are expecting today. Founded in 2018, the company is part of Somoto (a publicly-traded company in the TLV stock exchange), with a core mission to bring value to all three pillars of the content ecosystem: publishers, users, and advertisers through a unique ConTech (content and technology) solution. The technology instantly converts content from text to audio with the most natural sounding voices, continuously learns listeners’ behavior and seamlessly integrates ads into their experience

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