Targetspot launches the Podcast Marketplace reinforcing its offer in the UK market

A pioneer in digital audio, Targetspot has developed a new, integrated approach to its podcast inventory in the UK market that allows for reliable and broad Podcast audience creation that can be used by advertisers to help market their products and services.

The Targetspot Podcast Marketplace, with a reach of over 50M monthly listens, allows for the first time the creation of new and nuanced audience packages based upon both the contextual environment of the podcast content and audience centric interest data.

The consolidated marketplace offer comes with mutual benefits for both advertisers and for  podcasters who have seen a dramatic rise in their popularity in the previous five years. As of 2020, there were over 15 million podcast listeners in the UK. Reach is growing steadily as the popularity of podcasts increases, with forecasts predicting close to 20 million listeners in the UK by 2024. (Statista; Statista Advertising & Media Outlook survey July 31, 2020)

By using the Targetspot Podcast Marketplace, advertisers will gain further access to even more relevant audiences than before, in a brand safe environment and at competitive prices through a self-owned tech stack that Targetspot has developed and improved upon over the last 6 months. The offer enables both Programmatic & Managed Service buying options.

As a result, podcasters can benefit from quality advertising content from relevant brands on their platforms and a consistent source of revenue to support them in their efforts.

The new Podcast Marketplace offer was possible as a result of the innovative work and close partnership between Targetspot and international publishers in the UK market.

“ Working closely with our global partners we have never been better equipped to deliver quality audiences across premium podcast and influencer content. Along with high reach across top contextual categories we use accurate audience data which allows us to be even more confident when delivering solutions to our advertising clients” states Adam Pattison, Country Manager for the UK and Ireland at Targetspot.

The Podcast Marketplace also offers the possibility for UK advertisers to reach global audiences through it’s network capabilities and whitelisted content in North America, Europe and Asia.

“Our global mission is helping both advertisers and publishers grow their businesses through the power of digital audio. We operate globally on multiple markets, with different levels of maturity. The UK is a mature environment that naturally demanded this consolidated approach in our existing podcast offer and it perfectly aligns with our Global portfolio of services.” States Alexandre Ouhady Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Targetspot.

Targetspot, a division of AudioValley, is an Ad-Tech company providing advertisers and publishers with digital audio solutions across the globe. As a pioneer in audio streaming, ad serving and programmatic advertising, Targetspot connects advertisers with premium publisher inventory. Truly global with over 2 billion monthly digital audio impressions across North America, Europe and Asia.

You can read more about the UK Targetspot Podcast Marketplace here.

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