Targetspot extends international coverage through a partnership with MediaDonuts in India and South-East Asia

Targetspot MediaDonuts

Upon entering in this partnership, Targetspot takes a new step in its pursuit of international expansion.

Against a backdrop of strong sales momentum and the reinforcement of its sales structure with the recent appointment of a partnership development director, Targetspot had set a goal to open 10 new territories, favoring an approach focused on strong local partnerships.

This new deal with MediaDonuts in India and 6 South-East Asian countries where it occupies a leading position, is thus a major milestone in achieving Targetspot’s international development objectives.

Created in 2010 in Belgium, MediaDonuts is an online advertising and technology company helping advertisers perform and achieve their goals across digital media channels. It has an international presence with offices in 11 countries, across EMEA, APAC & the US with headquarters in Belgium and Singapore. Its activities span digital marketing, media representation and also tech & insights.

This partnership marks the convergence of 2 specialised actors sharing a common vision on the strategic value of quality digital audio inventory. As per the agreement, MediaDonuts will offer its clients in India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore & Indonesia access to the inventory of Targetspot. On its side, Targetspot will benefit from MediaDonuts’ leading position in audio advertising sales in the area.

Eric van der Haegen, Partner Development Director for Targetspot, comments on this new achievement: “We are very much thrilled by the opportunity to join forces with such a key player in South-East Asia. It will be a strong ally in our development in the region. We share with MediaDonuts a strong belief in the potential of digital audio in this region, where the growth will be driven by the progressive shift of advertising to digital. It’s only the beginning but I am convinced that the region is set to become an important contributor of growth for the company.”

“With screenless moments significantly on the rise, we are beyond excited to partner with Targetspot, a global leader and pioneer in digital audio, to connect brands with listeners in India and South-East Asia. Using rich data points based on users’ audio behaviour, brands can now unlock the power of audio to speak directly to their audience and reach them in moments where visual ads cannot.”, said Pieter-Jan de Kroon, Managing Director (Asia-Pacific) at MediaDonuts.

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