Targetspot announces partnership with Jack Brand allowing advertising first-time access to digital audio inventory


The JACK brand, one of the few remaining independent commercial radio groups in the UK, can today announce a partnership with Targetspot, the world’s leading digital audio platform, which will allow advertisers to access JACK’s digital audio inventory programmatically for the first time.

With a consistently-growing and highly-engaged audience across the JACK brand’s five radio stations – comprising national stations Union JACK Radio and JACK Radio, alongside award-winning Oxfordshire stations JACKfm, JACK2 Hits and JACK3 & Chill – the partnership will now offer advertisers and brands the opportunity to purchase JACK’s digital audio inventory exclusively through Targetspot, leveraging the company’s leading expertise in digital audio, including direct and programmatic sales capabilities, at a time when the industry continues to see increased investment into audio. The partnership was facilitated by Triton Digital®, the global technology and services leader to the digital audio and podcast industry. The JACK brand utilises Triton’s audio streaming network (CDN) to deliver their audio content online, and their Audio SSP to make their online audio inventory available to media buyers around the world through both open and private marketplace deals.

This partnership also represents the first specifically UK publisher for Targetspot, whose current global client roster includes Sonos, Deezer, SoundCloud and Audioboom. The combined proposition brings together Targetspot’s targeting and programmatic capabilities and the JACK brand’s unique and innovative content, providing advertisers with the opportunity to connect to attractive digital audiences who are listening to the unique programming content created across the JACK brand.

“This partnership is a natural progression for JACK, which has continued to grow its audience across the Group year-on-year, offering an opportunity to tap into a highly engaged audience who are listening to the type of content which cannot be found elsewhere. Through our partnership with Targetspot, we are now able to drive new revenue streams for the business with an inventory that provides a truly exciting opportunity for brands and advertisers.”

Hamish Law, Head of National Sales and Digital at JACK.

“We are really happy to welcome Jack Media to our UK roster of premium audio content providers. While we have had great success monestising the UK traffic of our international publishers, this new and exclusive relationship opens up a new and exciting chapter in the Targetspot UK evolution; local UK specific content for a UK audience. We look forward to driving further value for the Jack Media brand via our programmatic and digital audio solutions.”

– Adam Pattison, MD at Targetspot UK 

As the JACK brand continues to increase its commercial presence and offering, this week also brings about the launch of a new online presence for the Group. will provide background information on the JACK brand, with news and detail about each of the stations and its audience, streamlining the process of navigating the portfolio for potential partners, brands and advertisers.

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