Dailymotion Advertising entrusts monetisation of its new audio format exclusively to Targetspot: an international agreement

Targetspot, a world player in the high-growth area of digital audio, announces the signing of an exclusive agreement with Dailymotion Advertising for the commercialisation of its new audio roll advertising format, on four major markets.

Targetspot commercialises Dailymotion’s Audio Rolls, a new digital audio advertising format. A clear accolade for the technology developed by Targetspot in the field of digital audio on a new, innovative format, the insertion of audio into on-line video.

The international exclusive agreement signed with Dailymotion covers four key territories: France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom.

Audio advertising, the ideal match for the Dailymotion videos

Dailymotion is the world’s 2nd largest player to bank on the power of audio advertising, after YouTube. The subsidiary of the Vivendi group currently brings together a powerful international ecosystem of 2,500 publisher partners and boasts over 350 million unique users on a monthly basis. The company currently has a presence on 35 local markets in 180 different languages.Capitalising on very strong growth in the consumption of audio streaming among its users, Dailymotion Advertising launches a new audio advertising format. Known as Audio Roll, it is accessible exclusively via Targetspot, both direct and programmatic.

“In a context where internet users consume an increasing amount of video content, giving advertisers the ability to target the on-line video viewer with an audio format in addition to traditional audio channels, allows them to cover the entire user-journey and thereby multiply the impact of their campaigns”, underlines Bichoi Bashta, Chief revenue and Business Officer, Dailymotion Advertising.

“We built within Targetspot a solid advertising ecosystem, which brings together premium content publishers, from different environments: podcasts, streaming, text-to-audio and even gaming. From our initial discussions with Dailymotion Advertising, we understood the huge potential of advertising inventory that is consumed via audio. The new audiences that we will be able to target thanks to our proprietary technology bring a wide range of advertising opportunities that we will be able to offer advertisers”, explains Alexandre VEKHOFF, EVP Global Business Development for Targetspot.

If you would like to find out more about the agreement signed with Dailymotion or on audio advertising, Alexandre Vekhoff and the Targetspot teams are available for interview. Contact our press office at the following email address: [email protected].

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