Targetspot to Integrate Tru Optik Data Management Platform to Power Advanced Audience Targeting Across Streaming Audio

Integration will enable advertisers to reach more than 100 million streaming audio listeners with greater scale and accuracy.

Tru Optik, a TransUnion company, announced today an agreement with Targetspot, a global specialist in digital audio solutions, to offer advertisers audience-based targeting capabilities for streaming audio. As an identity resolution leader across OTT, Connected TV (CTV) and streaming audio, Tru Optik’s data management platform will be integrated into Targetspot’s tech stack, available starting February 2021.

Through this integration, buyers and sellers are able to identify and segment audiences across mobile and streaming audio devices, including smart speakers. In addition, media companies and audio advertisers will be able to leverage Targetspot’s audio supply inventory with rich data sets of consumer and behavioral insights across streaming audio and podcasts. Mapped against Tru Optik’s patented Household GraphTM of more than 80 million U.S. homes, advertisers will have advanced audio targeting capabilities that result in precise, effective and cost-efficient advertising campaigns across mobile, smart speakers and even gaming consoles.

«Tru Optik is the ideal partner to complement Targetspot’s multidimensional approach to digital audio,” said Richard Kosinski. “We’re helping Targetspot both understand their audience composition and activate tens of thousands of audience segments across their aggregated publisher supply of streaming audio and podcasts, leading to better client outcomes.”

Richard Kosinski, EVP of Sales for Tru Optik.

“The partnership with Tru Optik is a perfect addition to a year of evolution and enhancements in Targetspot’s offering,” said Dominick Milano. “By matching our multidimensional audience against Tru Optik’s Household Graph, Targetspot will be uniquely positioned to offer household level addressability, both third-party and first-party data, tied directly to our inventory partners. This will ensure that Targetspot can offer the highest scale and accuracy possible, in both targeting and reporting.”

Dominick Milano, SVP/Sales & Business Development, North America at Targetspot.

“The opportunity to further enhance and inform our negotiations utilizing a data-driven strategy to engage consumers not only supports the evolution of audio but more importantly helps us deliver our client’s message to the desired consumer,” said Lauren Russo. “The collaboration between Targetspot and Tru Optik will allow us to connect with those audiences in a one-to-one environment.”

Lauren Russo, EVP Managing Partner, Audio Investment at Horizon Media.

About Tru Optik

Tru Optik, a TransUnion company, identity resolution powers the streaming media ecosystem. Tru Optik’s patented Household Graph of more than 80 million U.S. homes enables the world’s leading brands, agencies, media companies, and platforms to engage consumers across OTT, streaming audio, and gaming with unmatched scale and accuracy. To learn more about Tru Optik, visit:

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