Reach millions of listeners,
one person at a time


TargetSpot’s precision targeting ensures the right message is heard by the right audience, at the right time. TargetSpot’s proprietary technology uniquely serves ads in real time to each listener’s personalized stream, creating a one-to-one relationship between the advertiser and the listener.

Brands are able to reach tens of millions of listeners with highly targeted messages across multiple targeted categories. TargetSpot’s proprietary ad server, 1st and 3rd party data, and campaign optimization tools means that brands can reach more granular audience segments with increased scale and accuracy. The result is a dramatic increase in message relevancy and campaign effectiveness.


Reaching the right audience is crucial to ensuring message relevancy, extending your marketing budget, and increasing your ROI. TargetSpot enables you to segment your audience to ensure that you can reach your consumers whether they are men, women, boomers, millennials or multicultural audiences.

 General Market


Want to tell consumers on the West Coast about the breakfast menu at the same time you’re telling your East Coast consumers about the current lunch deals . . . go ahead. TargetSpot’s ad-serving ensures your geo-targeted campaigns reach listeners in your specified geographic locations, based on the origin of the listener, not the origin of the broadcast.

 DMA, MSA, County… even down to the Zip code
 Time your campaign by Daypart or by the hour


Data-driven ad serving allows for highly targeted messaging to be delivered against your target audience based on real-time insights from their online/offline behaviors. Using anonymized 1st and 3rd party data, brands can segment audiences across categories such as purchase intent, family composition, household income, and many other online and offline segments relevant to their marketing objectives.

 Site retargeting
 Modeled look-a-like
 Search retargeting
 Demonstrated behaviors


Consumers access their streaming audio from multiple touch points throughout the day. TargetSpot let’s you connect with consumers on their phones or in-car, on their PCs or tablets, even while they’re at home with their home stereo and connected TVs. Connect with consumers while they listen to their favorite music formats or as they catch up on the latest News and Sports.

 Device type: PC, Mobile, Tablet, In-car, and other connected devices
 Content type: music genre, content category (Sports, Talk, News, Music, etc.)
 Weather triggers
 Top-level domain (.gov, .edu)