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17 August 2020
In light of the commercial successes and partnerships including Radio France, Tune In, Sonos and Stingray recorded in recent months and the recovery that has been taking shape in the market since July 2020, the Group reaffirms its confidence in its ability to return to its performance trajectory over the long term.
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14 July 2020
The inexorable progression of digital audio, which has been going on for several years, was further accentuated in the last months.
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8 July 2020
Online, in-app gaming is an estimated 65bn dollar industry with huge, highly engaged audiences ranging across all age groups, gender and geos. Gaming has never been more popular than in the current moment with 45% more time now devoted to the medium since the Covid-19 crisis.
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Targetspot confirms its leadership in digital audio by winning the two lots of the tender issued by Radio France and France Médias Monde
29 June 2020
A three-year contract to market the digital audio advertising spots of the two media groups
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9 June 2020
Stingray (TSX: RAY. A; RAY. B), a leading music, media, and technology company, has selected Targetspot, a pioneer in the digital audio space, to monetize the global digital audio advertising across its Stingray Music services
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