At Targetspot we have one rule: help our partners grow their business.

We have a dedicated and experienced Business Development team who focus on building long term relationships with our partners and publishers to bring them the highest revenue opportunities utilizing our proprietary advanced targeting capabilities.
Our team offers superior service and provides excellence in integrating partners into our advertising platform.
As a partner, we will help you grow your business in the US and internationally.
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On average people spend over 13 hours a week listening to online audio. And TargetSpot network includes the leading online music and digital audio content providers from Entercom, Univision, Entravision, Radionomy, Mixcloud, SHOUTcast and many more.


Bluebox Screen
TS BlueBox is an industry-leading digital audio programmatic publisher platform with advanced targeting.

TS BlueBox allows publishers to access their US and EU inventory with full DAAST compliancy through one integrated solution.

BlueBox supports digital audio in the US, France, Germany, UK, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Ireland and the Netherlands.

One unique integration for

  • International Monetization
  • DAAST compliant
  • General Market
  • Advanced Targeting


Passport has been built to meet the specific demands of a fast-growing digital audio market that needs faster inventory forecasting, more data, detailed delivery reporting, more tracking capabilities, advanced targeting, more KPI’s and multiple buying possibilities.

In order to help publishers reach the right audience, Targetspot's Passport ad solutions tool has been designed as a one stop shopping tool that includes many useful tools such as a highly detailed and complete dashboard to easily monitor the adserving activities, powerful real-time forecasting, a precise campaign and flight management tool, an advanced targeting technology including dynamic geo-targeting and complete data reporting.

On top of that, Passport offers a powerful streaming and ad stitching tool through Shoutcast, the broadcasting’s industry leading streaming solution.