Targetspot opens the winter season with dynamic audio by adding health triggers to its targeting mix!

New York – December 6, 2018. TargetSpot, the most advanced independent digital audio advertising platform with a global footprint, announced today the launch of health triggers, a new tool for digital audio ad solutions specifically designed for the needs of advertisers looking to reach audiences during peak flu and allergy seasons.

Earlier this year, Targetspot announced the release of weather trigger targeting capabilities which provides advertisers with the ability to reach listeners in specific weather conditions.  Today Targetspot is happy to announce they have increased this dynamic targeting capability by adding a health trigger.  Advertisers can now serve ads tailored to listeners in real-time based on multiple weather and health data points. This not only helps advertisers reach a more engaged listener, but it also increases the likelihood of purchase and retention.

“More and more, advertisers are looking for unique and highly targeted ways to reach their audience.  Dynamic audio capabilities are a great opportunity for them to connect personally with highly engaged listeners. Combined with other Targetspot data sets, it truly provides a best-in-class solution for data-driven audio creative reaching the right audience and driving ROI.” – Laurane Delcroix, Senior VP North America.