Targetspot innovates its programmatic offering: transparency, addressable inventory and measurement

Optimizing all of its addressable inventory for programmatic platforms
Targetspot has implemented a “reverse waterfall” which uses an algorithm to optimize all of its addressable inventory for programmatic platforms. Overall, this guarantees that addressable inventory with cookies and device id’s is first available on programmatic platforms. This feature, along with a multitude of Targetspot targeting capabilities such as demographics, placements, device, Claritas PRIZM segmentation, content and more, enables buyers and clients to extend omni-channel strategies to digital audio.

Ensuring brand safety and transparency in programmatic
Targetspot understands the need for brand safety and transparency in programmatic digital audio. Targetspot’s platform includes premium brands across music, sports, news, and podcasting. Specifically for podcasting, Targetspot’s vast global network includes over 1,000 shows across multiple genres and languages. Because of this, Targetspot enables URL transparency in campaign delivery reporting down to the publisher level and soon, to the station/stream level to highlight greater actionable insights.

Boosting advanced analytics
Targetspot seeks to advance additional analytics for the digital audio marketplace, such LTR. Listen-through-rate (LTR) – a digital audio specific metric – measures engagement with the platform through its content and advertising. Targetspot now measures LTR across more than 90% of its platform and passes the data through for each programmatic campaign. Overall, this delivers a metric of success for clients to highlight in digital audio.

Optimizing access, inventory and data management
Targetspot technology acts as a meta-SSP with multiple SSP/DSP connections for ease of access and best optimization of inventory and data management. Its platform delivers over a billion impressions monthly worldwide and over 1/3rd of those on premium exclusive partners. Further, Targetspot offers a largely unduplicated audience with other streaming music platforms, providing a premium digital audio solution for omni-channel campaigns.

Targetspot launched its programmatic audio effort two years ago. Given our history in this emerging channel, we have developed a leading programmatic offering to meet client demands. Overall, we aim to give advertisers new and efficient ways of purchasing advertising and integrating digital audio as a part of an omni-channel strategy. We will continue to enhance and expand our technology, product portfolio and insights for our advertising clients”, says Eric van der Haegen, Global Head of Programmatic.