Skyrock’s digital offer exclusively on Targetspot

Targetspot, the international audio digital solutions platform, and Skyrock, the leader in urban radio worldwide and the second privatized digital music radio in France, are announcing a new exclusive partnership in regard to monetizing Skyrock’s digital audio content.


The partnership covers the entirety of Skyrock’s digital audio content and includes their podcasts, replays and webradios, totaling more than 9 million active monthly listens (1). Thanks to its international footprint, including local offices in Europe and North America, Targetspot will be introducing its Skyrock offer to advertisers targeting France and other French speaking territories such as Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.


« We are excited to partner with Skyrock and offer advertisers a unique opportunity to reach a large audience of young, active and faithful listeners – in France as well as internationally. This partnership solidifies Targetspot’s lead within the audio digital space and we are thrilled to provide all of our tools and services to Skyrock so that they may fully benefit from a booming market » said Alexandre Vekhoff the SVP Global Business Development at Targetspot


« As a major player in the French audio streaming market with over 9 million listens per month and 10 mobilradios (webradios), Skyrock is excited to renew an exclusive partnership with Targetspot, first in audio digital solutions and the leading independent manager, in regards to monetizing its podcasts, replays and mobilradios (webradios) » declared Frank Cheneau the Deputy General Manager at Skyrock.


Starting July, advertisers will be able to share their advertising messages with the qualified and captivated audience at Skyrock, either through programmatic and other available marketplaces, or through direct advertisement with the support of Targetspot’s local teams.


(1)      Simulcast web radio Rankings, ACMP, May 2019: 9 209 528 active listens (Active listens: number of total web radio listens lasting 30 seconds or more, anywhere in the world, and any terminal)