Targetspot partners with Signal to offer even more powerful and identity-driven targeting to digital audio advertisers

Targetspot, the most advanced independent digital audio advertising platform, is proud to announce a partnership with Signal, the leading SaaS provider of data onboarding and real-time identity resolution technology. This partnership allows U.S. advertisers to target their audio messages based on Targetspot’s new Identity-Driven Listener ID.

 The integration with the Signal Identity Platform enables Targetspot to precisely target the right listener at the right moment on the right device.  With this new layer added to its Data Expansion Path, Targetspot can now help U.S. advertisers unleash the potential of their marketing message with an identity-driven Listener ID combining the best online and offline data sets for a unique and unified customer view.

 From highly targeted campaigns to extended reach branding, Targetspot’s advanced targeting capabilities and Listener ID also allow advertisers to optimize their marketing budget and benefit from greater return on ad spends. On the other side, publishers and listeners will enjoy an improved listening experience with more contextually relevant messages.

 “We are delighted to partner with Signal to enrich our Data Expansion Path, which is now one of the best combinations on the market for real data performance. Targetspot Listener ID is a great added value for our data-driven advertisers who will benefit from enhanced targeting capabilities and powerful new segments to perfectly address their marketing messages,” said Laurane Delcroix, SVP Sales North America.

 “Digital audio is a bold new frontier for one-to-one audience engagement. We are proud to work with Targetspot to deliver best-in-class, identity-driven advertising solutions for digital audio that personalize the listening experience,” said Joe Doran, Chief Identity Officer at Signal.