Targetspot continues it’s European expansion and relaunches it’s Belgian advertising sales house

Targetspot, the most advanced independant digital audio advertising platform and sales house of the Belgian AudioValley group, greatly expanded it’s European efforts in 2018 through the opening of new offices in multiple countries. Now the company is relaunching it’s activities in Belgium after a two-year constructive partnership with RMB.

Clear objectives that respond to the boom in digital audio

The digital audio market is booming and Belgium is following the trend.  All the curves indicate that audio streaming in general has seen a 28% increase in use over the last two years.   40% of Belgium’s 12+ population listen to online radio and at least 20% say they have listened to podcasts recently.

Targetspot is therefore taking back control of the Belgian territory and intends to develop a team entirely dedicated to digital audio under the direction and expertise of Eric van der Haegen, who is well known in the Belgian market. "We have two goals: the commercialization of premium inventories including Radionomy, Shoutcast, Hotmix Radio and many international publishers such as Radio France, Oui FM, PRISA, Audioboom, Entercom, Soundcloud, etc. as well as the support of Belgian publishers and radio in their digital strategy" says Eric van der Haegen.

Innovative solutions

Targetspot is an expert sales organization that meets the needs of it’s customers and partners with innovative digital audio solutions and high-performance proprietary technologies. All this in the service of efficient broadcasting and data management by focusing on transparency, reporting and targeting.

In constant search of innovation, the advertising network has recently launched new products and services such as the International Podcast Marketplace and the DCO Dynamic Creative Optimization, a technology that allows advertising creations to be adapted in real time according to context (weather, news, devices, etc.)

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