Podcasts from creation to monetization - Targetspot to launch the first all-in-one global podcast marketplace

Brussels – 2018, November 8th. Targetspot, the most advanced independent digital audio advertising platform with a global footprint, is thrilled to announce the launch of the first all-in global podcast ad marketplace across North America and Europe.

The liquidity of the podcast market makes it difficult for podcast producers to stand out in a cluttered crowd. Tens of thousands of podcasts are available across multiple platforms, making it hard for producers to claim their fair share of listenership and advertisement revenues. “The main objective of the podcast marketplace is to provide the greatest exposure and easiest monetization solution to all podcast producers looking to capitalize on the interest of advertisers in the rising medium of audio on demand”, exclaims Erik Portier – Chief Revenue Officer.

The Podcast Marketplace will be launched at the beginning of December for all of Targetspot's existing premium publishers and partners that already account for more than 100 million monthly downloads in major segments like Arts/Entertainment, Technology, News/Politics/Current Events, Business and Sports. Starting next spring, the platform will be accessible for any producer seeking a single platform for creation, storage, distribution and monetization.

"Targetspot shares our commitment to bringing growth and adding value for podcasters, audiences and advertisers", says Mattia Verzella, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Voxnest. "With our content management expertise and data analytics capabilities combined with their technology for programmatic trading and yield optimization, Targetspot's Podcast Marketplace will enable us to deliver on that commitment and the overall promise of podcast advertising, while still offering listeners the enjoyable experiences they've come to expect".

The Marketplace utilizes the company’s proprietary technology including Shoutcast, Winamp and Targetspot Passport. Advertisers and agencies will be able to seamlessly buy pre-roll and instream audio through their programmatic connections to major demand-side platforms and through direct buys including tailored creative solutions via Targetspot's dedicated teams and offices.