Land Grab In Digital Audio For Trillion Dollar Hispanic Audience, Reports Targetspot

New York, N.Y. November 20, 2014 – TargetSpot, the largest most advanced digital audio advertising platform, is extending its reach with Hispanic audiences by expanding its partnerships with the leading Hispanic media companies, such as SBS (Spanish Broadcasting System), the largest publicly traded Hispanic-controlled media and entertainment company in the United States. The expanded partnerships give TargetSpot one of the largest footprints among Hispanics in digital audio and enable its advertising partners to reach millions of additional Hispanic listeners across multiple devices.
Hispanic purchasing power is expected to reach $1.5 trillion dollars in 2015, a 50% growth from 2010 and music is central to reaching this audience. Hispanics spend over 20 hours a week listening to music and 97% say they listen to music at least once a week according to Nielsen. Advertisers, not wanting to be left behind, have grown their spending by 8% to over $8 billion on Hispanic media in 2013 in an effort to reach this valuable and growing audience. By contrast general market ad spending grew less than 1% during the same period.
“The Hispanic consumer is young and connected, and music is central to their lifestyle and culture. Brands can’t afford to play catch up because this audience is too savvy and typically ahead of the general market in terms of media trends. That’s why we’re continuing to strengthen our partnerships with the leading Hispanic media groups to make sure we can help brands keep up with this fast moving audience”, said Mitch Klein, co-CEO, TargetSpot.
About TargetSpot
TargetSpot, a part of the Radionomy Group, is the largest most advanced digital audio advertising platform, connecting top national brands, regional, and local advertisers to highly engaged Internet and mobile audiences. Advertisers work with TargetSpot’s team to create rich media campaigns delivering high-impact audio, display and pre-roll video advertising across thousands of online properties. TargetSpot advertisers can target consumers by demographics, listening preferences, and geography down to postcode level, while benefitting from real time reporting and analytics, as well as access to its more than 85 distribution partners.
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