Precision Targeting

TargetSpot’s advanced technology assures the right message is heard by the right audience, at the right time.

TargetSpot lets you to reach tens of millions of listeners across thousands of different digital audio content destinations, while targeting with great precision the exact audience that matters to you.

TargetSpot uniquely serves ads in real time to each listener’s personalized stream, creating a one-to-one relationship between the advertiser and the listener. Rather than broadcasting the same message widely (one-to-many), TargetSpot serves audio advertising individually, to a specific target audience. The result is a dramatic increase in message relevancy and campaign effectiveness.

TargetSpot’s precision targeting ensures the right message is heard by the right audience, at the right time.

Geo Targeting:

Our listener data shows that 25-50% of online streaming of terrestrial radio station content comes from outside of the station’s home market. When a campaign is geo-targeted based on where the streaming station is physically located, rather than based on where the online listener is located, nearly half the ads are wasted on consumers out of the target geographic market. TargetSpot’s ad-serving eliminates this issue and ensures your geo-targeted campaigns reach listeners in your specified geographic locations, based on the origin of the listener, not the origin of the broadcast.

Time of Day Targeting:

TargetSpot also accurately delivers audio ads to listeners at the exact time of day you would like to speak to your consumers – regardless of the time zone in which your listener is listening.

Target by:

  • Demographic
  • Geography – National, State, DMA, MSA, County… even down to the Zip code
  • Daypart or by the hour
  • Music genre
  • Content category (Sports, Talk, News, Music, etc.)
  • Top-level domain (.gov, .edu)

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